5 Maneras de potenciar con efectividad su Blog

Posted on June 18 by Andy Leverenz in Tips & Tricks

In order to get noticed on the web you need quality dynamic content. The best way to keep users coming to your website is to blog. If you’ve just launched your website blogging can seem like a chore if you don’t have the greatest following. There are a number of ways to get the following you have always strived for. Below we will discuss 5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Blog and take it to the next level.


A blog is rendered useless if content is not updated regularly. Think of a blog as a journal or log for ideas or thoughts dealing with specific topics. Your blog can be about a wide variety of topics or it can be about niche topics like web design for example. Usually choosing a niche topic to blog about renders the best yield on user interactions. Once you have narrowed down a few key topics to write about the next step is to write.

Writing even when no one is watching is useful for your blog. By this I mean you should never take too much time away from contributing to your blog. If you do this, any users that follow your blog will likely cease doing so. People want to read the most up to date news and information as it effects them directly.

If you have an entry from quite some time ago you can always go back and revisit the post offering some updates on what you have learned or changes that have been made in say technology since then. A good example in our case could be if the blog post was about using an older version of WordPress’s media manager. With the latest release of WordPress, (3.9.1 at the time of writing) adding new media to a post is as simple as dragging and dropping images, audio, or video right into your browser. WordPress will take the media and recognize what it is and allow you take make edits on the fly. Super powerful!

Writing also provides countless benefits to you. The more you right the better you become. Over time your posts will be easier to read for your users which is something in itself that will keep them coming back for more.