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Consulting in Strategy and

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CMS 2.0 Multidevice

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The number of users visiting

your Multidevice WebSite from

mobile devices is increasing

day by day

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Responsive Web Design uses

Media Queries to serve custom

made Multidevice content

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2014, year of the Web Multidevice

based in Technologies Html5,

CSS3 and Media Queries

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Multidevice Web CMS 2.0 Platforms

focused on integrating Communication,

Content and Information Architecture

Creativity, Web Design,

Business and Technology

Digital Strategy Consulting and Web Development Firm

We are a Digital Strategy Consulting and Web Development firm based in Madrid, Spain, with extensive experience in the implementation of solutions targeted at integrating “Communication, Content and Information Arquitecture, Creativity, Web Design, Business, and the most advanced Technology”

Contact us and we will prepare for you an Economic Project Proposal without obligation,…

Digital Consulting and Web Development Platforms CMS 2.0 Multidevice “Responsive Web Design”

Business Development Platforms CMS 2.0 Multidevice “Responsive Web Design” Corporative, for Products or Services that are perfectly suited to all types of Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones screens, whatever their size.

We coded and developed with the latest technological standards from the perspectives of our audiences through the use of “technical user experience” and “user interface design techniques.”

Customer, Marketing and Online Communication oriented Projects

Experts in digital media technologies, we produce Customer, Marketing and Communication Online oriented projects.

We are a creative and innovative team with workspaces in Project Management Consulting, Content and Information Architecture, Digital Graphic Design and Web Programming Html5, CSS3 Media Queries and JavaScript.

We optimize the main “search engines and browsers” and we test and publish functional and free code “bugs”. We also maximize ROI by improving “ranking in search engines.”

Services targeting SMES and professionals

Consulting in Digital Strategy and Web Development with extensive experience in the implementation of solutions aimed at integrating “communication, content and information architecture, creativity, design, business and technology.” Creative and professionals services, innovators and confidential Corpo Promo Design & directs its services to the Small and Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Professionals.

We include in our services a period support of 30 days post launch. We train our clients in the management of the CMS platforms and Web Management Administration so they can update and publish news, content areas and images by its own.
Contact us in tel. +34 609 291 000.


Web Design and Technology that uses structures and fluid images and Media Queries in CSS3 style blades, to tailor the Website to any user environment development.

It uses the concept of “One Web, Web for All, Web on Everything” which includes interactive techniques for usability and user experience in all kinds of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smartphones devices, and devices with higher screen resolution such as Laptops and Computers Desktop.


We incorporate in all our developments “Automatic Optimization Modules Smart SEO Friendly Content” to increase traffic and improve SEO Default Content experience.

This allows the customization of the “Settings” from the search engines for individual pages or posts, giving administrators excellent control and improve search results, increasing traffic on major search engines.


All our developments include “Supervised Automatic Updates” to the latest updated versions of the CMS Core System and compatible modules.

In addition we provide an excellent Automatic BackUp solution, complete, portable and totally reliable for total protection against possible “crashes”, of the Hosting Service or Hacker attacks.

Our Plattform solution also presents a tool “Malvare Scan, McAfee Secure” presenting possible infection status of the system and showing that your WebSite is free of virus infections.

And if you are concerned about the download speed of your WebSite, we included by default in all our developments an excellent utility Automated Cache that uses advanced techniques to speed up the download of all your Pages, News and Content (texts, pictures, graphics, videos, etc).

Consulting and Multidevice Web Design

Corpo&Promo Design presents a self-sufficient team of professional consultants with years of experience in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Content and Information Architecture, Creativity and Web Development Projects CMS 2.0 Multidevice, able to tackle all kinds of projects for SME’s and entrepreneurs who wish to have an high online quality presence developed with the most advanced technology.

And if you need truly ambitious solutions that exceed our qualifications in certain fields, we have all kinds of contacts with external professionals, highly skilled, able to perfectly complement our services, in order to meet your needs and expectations in full and total satisfaction.

We are well qualified

Consulting & Project Management
Content & Information Architecture
Creativity, Business & Web Design
Multidevice Web Design
Html5/CSS3/JavaScript Code
Php Code/WP Core CMS/BBDD
"User Experience & User Interface Design"
Marketing Online
Client Service

Our Customers say

When we decided in EMK to make a new website for our company, we knew that Corpo&Promo Design were the partner we needed. Besides a great knowledge of the web environment they added valuable input and strategic recommendations which allowed us to add value to the project. !A pleasure to work with!

Maria AlberolaEquipo de Marketing

We have been impressed by the professional, comprehensive and quick answers to the many doubts and questions that we were asking regarding the structure and content of our web service. We then rely on them to find a solution to each of the challenges. Great to have such a good advice. Thanks for everything and congratulations on graphic design.

Ivan Milan del BoschCEO - Interacción.Net

Working with Corpo&Promo Design is rewarding and a great support to have a presence in the online world. They listen and understand perfectly the needs of communication, advice and support appropriate timely and professional manner. To develop projects that exceed the expectations raised. A serious and efficient company. ¡Highly recommended!

Luis Gerardo OrtizCEO - Geo Business Group

Thanks for the attention, effectiveness, safety and liability borrowed by Corpo&Promo Design. They really provide a very special, personalized and effective service without time delays. And all at the period of all kinds of difficulties we ware facing. ¡Recommended to the 100%!

Quino MaquedaCTO - Interacción.Net

The services provided by Corpo&Promo Design are always excellent. Whenever any problem arises, they will respond and solve problems promptly and efficiently. I personally recommend the services of Corpo&Promo Design professionals to companies that are planning to develop a professional WebSite and that includes your communication needs. You can not choose better.

Nacho SuárezCTO - Mobile One2One

I emphasize the seriousness with which the project were taking. They are scrupulous in everything they do and are aware of all the details. Soon I had developed excellent dynamics, clean and well designed, comprehensive, accessible web from any device with all the information I need. They also worried indexing properly my website.

Clara CorretgéCEO Dtimegroup

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